Hiring Workspace

Extensive Live Video and Technical Interviewing interface

Integrated with a multi-file workspace for paired programming, HIring Workspace enables project assessments to demonstrate collaboration and simulation of a real dev environment. Candidates can build out new projects, fix bugs, or complete projects on top of existing code.

Cloud/DevOps and Modern Software assessments

Design for any cloud platform like Azure, AWS, or GCP.  Build diagrams and flowcharts explaining advanced Cloud architecture and deployments. Test candidates on any SQL framework like MySQL or MS SQL. Easily test skills like Docker, Kubernetes, and microservices. Build real-time applications and deploy them on a simulated cluster.

Live Whiteboarding

With Workspace, both interviewer and candidate can quickly draw diagrams, and translate technical questions to a visual conversation. Supports free-form objects with a pencil, pen, and in any color. Add text boxes, resize text, create circles, rectangles, and other shapes. Add notes, upload photos, and screenshots also. It’s simple to jump between diagramming out ideas, and then into coding. Makes for a dynamic interview experience.


No environmental mismatches - both interviewee and reviewer use the same machine, so there are not different versions of frameworks. VS Code is open-source, fast, and provides many integrations including GitHub, Azure deploy, and more.

Building Custom Interviews

Custom interview time reduced with a base workspace setup and installation of any languages that are needed. Base code can be added in form of a zip file.

Recording and Transcription

Records both code pad and cameras into one video file so you can review and share playback, including the output of any paired programming sessions that were conducted. Additionally, Reviewers can actively take notes on candidate performance and bookmark to revisit certain sections at a later time.