Why Filtered?

Filtered is built for assessing candidates quickly and confidently.

Built for accuracy


Easy video interviewing

Find culture fit quickly by letting candidates record their interview answers using their camera and microphone from the comfort of their own homes.


Test for proficiency in Java, SQL, C#, Python, HTML, and more

Filtered can challenge candidates in every popular software language, helping you to narrow down to the skills that matter most.


Use millions of rows of data in Jupyter notebook

Give your data science candidates a challenge that feels like something they might do in a legitimate work environment. Our custom version of Jupyter notebook lets candidates solve challenges in Python and R within a familiar tool.

Built for confidence


Completely avoid bias

Questions are locked once an interview is created, making sure that each candidate gets the same objective experience. Faces, personal information, and resumes can be hidden for an even more strict approach. For more about how Filtered reduces bias, see Compliance.


Catch cheaters in the act

Every interview is analyzed before it hits your inbox. Filtered protects you from wasting time on fraudulent or cheating applicants using 6 different approaches including facial recognition, data discrepancies, and commonly suspicious behavior. You will be alerted if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Built for scale


Custom-branded interviews

Enterprise accounts are able to create interviews that have the company colors and logo included. This gives candidates an extra-polished interviewing experience.


MSP and Vendor accounts

Filtered is configured to work seamlessly with MSP and Vendor relationships. Contact us to set up this type of account.


No limits on candidates

Candidates are the most important part of any hiring program, so Filtered will never limit your access to applicants. You can make your evaluation tools even more powerful by upgrading to Professional or Enterprise.