MSP Tools for Candidate Management

Filtered has built customer workflows for companies acting as staffing MSPs (managed service providers). A handful of Fortune 500 companies are using Filtered to streamline their contingent workforce.

MSP: Post and review

First, hiring managers request to hire new talent. Filtered works with HR and hiring managers by preparing specific technical questions. HR then posts these interviews. All associated vendors will be notified of a new interview and an open position.

Later, HR and other decision-makers can click on the attached Filtered links inside their ATS and review the candidates. All information, from questions to confidence analysis, will be included in the review. MSP admins will receive weekly leaderboard reports about vendor performance. Vendor admins will receive similar weekly reports about their recruiters.

Candidate experience

Vendors can start inviting candidates to participate in the interview as soon as one is posted by the MSP. Vendors will receive notifications after the candidates have finished. In most cases, the technical questions are masked to the vendors due to privacy policy. However, the vendors can review other information such as pass/fail, leaderboard, summary, etc. This information is enough for them to make a decision about a submission. In most cases, companies have their own ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or VMS (Vendor Management System). A vendor can attach a candidate review link inside the ATS and move them through the pipeline.