Recruitment Analytics and Reporting

Weekly MSP Report

We generate weekly reports for MSP program performance. Enterprise HR team members will receive a leaderboard report of all the vendors, which includes the pass rate, the number of candidates who completed interviews, and number of candidates who didn’t. Admins for vendor accounts will receive two reports: One is the overall performance of the company compared to an average, and the other is the leaderboard report showing all of the recruiters in the company. Through the reporting system, decision-makers can quickly evaluate performance and forecast ahead.

Success rate and recruiter performance

Organization admins also have access to a reporting page. Two types of reports can be generated here:

First, based on score thresholds, an admin can generate a line chart for the candidate pass rate for the last 3 months, 6 months, or for a custom time period.

Second, admins can generate a bar chart report of the recruiter’s performance based on number of invites, number of passing candidates, and number of failing candidates. Admins can configure the time period from the last 7 days to the last 6 months, or select a custom time period for the report.