How Filtered uses AI

Filtered uses AI to accomplish a variety of tasks that help hiring managers review candidate applications. These include:

  • Computer vision to proctor candidates during assessments via webcam, preventing fraud. The AI used is for face detection – is there a face detectable - and not facial recognition (e.g. is this a specific person). Face detection alerts do not automatically disqualify candidates and must be reviewed by a hiring manager.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU)/Natural Language Processing(NLP) to extract skills from candidate resumes and job descriptions, as well as generation of video transcripts.
  • Generative AI to summarize transcripts for faster review.
  • Generative AI to compare collected evidence against required skills and create and suggest interview questions to address gaps. Questions may optionally be used by interviewers and do not contribute to any ranking or automatic processing of candidates.

Filtered believes in the responsible use of AI including evaluating models for bias, making sure our AI is explainable, and that appropriate privacy protections are put in place. If you have questions, contact us at