Compliance & bias

Filtered is EEOC / OFCCP / ADA / Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, and the platform has been evaluated by an external consultancy run by PhDs in industrial organizational psychology.

About the Evaluation

Filtered was evaluated by R. Chris Steilberg, PhD, CEO of the industrial-organizational psychology consultancy TalentLift. In his analysis, Dr. Steilberg looked at how technical talent is currently evaluated and how our platform addresses gaps that impact companies of all sizes. Read the evaluation here.

According to his research, Filtered goes beyond and helps:

  • Fill in skills gaps for IT recruiters

    Pre-loaded questions and the ability to choose skill level.

  • Minimize confirmation bias

    Companies see assessment results before resumes.

  • Minimize cheating

    Multiple fraud detectors in place to protect everyone involved.

  • Maximize completion rates among candidates

    Testing is at the convenience of the candidate.

  • Provide a fair and standardized test environment

    All candidates for a job go through the same process.