A Modern Approach to Technical Assessment and Interviewing

Industry-First Job Simulations for Technical Hiring

Technical hiring has always been challenging, but the rise of remote work during the pandemic made everything harder.

Coding tests and screening calls do not work. Hiring managers spend hours interviewing unqualified candidates every day.

With Filtered, evaluate candidates with short, comprehensive job simulations that objectively assess the skills that matter “Day One” on the job, all customized to your tech stack.

We’ll help you ask candidates to work on real world scenarios tailored for their role and seniority level, while empowering them to explain their work.

Asynchronously review and make quick decisions on which candidates to fast-track while giving you rich insights into their technical skills and fit for the role.

Better Insights. Faster Hiring Decisions.

  • 📦Watch them build an application
  • 🔍Evaluate coding proficiency
  • 🗂Test problem solving capabilities
  • 🖍Ask conceptual questions
  • 📹Evaluate communication skills

Give Candidates a Test Drive – Instead of a Test

Interview candidates in a custom environment that mimic your tech stack so each candidate can showcase their capabilities in a real world situation.

Candidate performance can be scored with automated grading scripts that not only judge output, but also evaluate candidates on the key steps they take along the way.

Streamline the remaining interviews using our live coding tools, pipeline management, enterprise workflows, and ATS integrations.

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