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After a candidate applies for an open position, we'll help you automate and streamline the rest of the hiring process to identify best-fit candidates at scale.

Transform how your organization screens and interviews candidates with our AI-powered skills verification platform.

Our unique Assessments product

This assessment tool verifies candidate identities and skills through ID checks, social media authentication, and tailored assessments, while delivering AI-generated performance insights for objective candidate selection.

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Validate Candidate Identity & Proctoring

We’ll help you verify candidate identity with government ID checks from 200+ countries, ask candidates to authenticate via social media, and use AI-powered proctoring to continuously monitor for fraudulent activity.

Quickly prevent fraudsters from wasting your time while ensuring your team is only focused on evaluating credible candidates.


Objectively Assess Hard & Soft Skills

We offer a range of technical and non-technical skill assessments for every role and seniority level, focused on asking candidates to demonstrate, not just describe, their skills.

We’ll work with your team to put together a custom assessment for each role, so no matter what type of position you’re hiring for, we’ve got you covered.

Take it to the next level with AI-Powered Interviews

Our Live interviewing platform uses cutting-edge AI that suggests role-based questions for interviewers. We also take care of all the note-taking for you! Our AI system records the session, transcribes the conversation, and provides a bullet-point summary. We centralize all of this for you to ensure consistency and simple stakeholder review.

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Deliver Structured, AI-Assisted Interviews

Instead of a Zoom call, host your interviews in a custom-built environment that automatically recommends interview questions to ask based on the role, and logs all interview recordings in a centralized location.

Make each interview more consistent and structured, and enable all important stakeholders the ability to review recent candidate interviews.


Rich Insights to Select Your Top Candidates

After candidates have completed a screening assessment and live interviews, our platform delivers a full summary of their aggregate performance, with AI-generated insights and test scores.

Automatically surface rich insights on each candidate to help your team thoughtfully - and objectively - select their top candidates for every open role.

Groundbreaking Results with Leading Brands

Dramatically speed up time-to-hire, improve candidate attrition, deliver a more objective hiring process, while saving thousands of hours of interview time per year.


Faster time-to-hire


Better interview-to-hire ratio


Less time interviewing

Filtered integrations


Filtered can seamlessly integrate with your existing talent management platforms via our API, along with out-of-the-box integrations with leading ATS providers.

A Better Way to Build Teams.

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