Technical Hiring Based on Performance, Not Pedigree

A Smarter Way to Evaluate Technical Talent

Most organizations screen for basic technical skills and then ask technical hiring managers to spend hours interviewing and evaluating candidates.

With Filtered, you can assess the skills that actually matter on the job by asking engineering and data science candidates to work on real world scenarios.

We create custom, live environments for each applicant to showcase their capabilities from home, giving you rich insights into their technical skills and fit for the role.

Better Insights. Faster Hiring Decisions.

  • 📦Watch them build an application
  • 🔍Evaluate coding proficiency
  • 🗂Test problem solving capabilities
  • 🖍Ask conceptual questions
  • 📹Evaluate communication skills

Video Conferencing Built for Engineers

Use pair programming exercises to emulate real world situations — and assess how candidates will actually perform on the job.

Choose between live video chat, integrated coding environments, live IDE, screen sharing and whiteboarding.

The video recordings and code outputs are automatically stored in each candidate profile.

Remote Whiteboarding That Actually Works

We've spent a long time developing an intuitive whiteboarding experience for engineers.

Build UML diagrams, explain flows, and write explanations in a couple clicks. All while video chatting in-browser.

Let candidates explain design decisions without wasting their brainspace on clunky diagramming tools.

Join the Future of Technical Hiring