DevOps Assessments

Requirements of a DevOps engineer

The heated discussion about the buzzword “DevOps” continues, as more and more organizations begin to realize that DevOps candidates who can solve algorithm questions on their own laptops are not guaranteed to be capable of working in a real production environment. The key points lie in the “-Ops” part, which requires the developers to have a task-oriented mindset and focus on developing features related to internal team value. In the software industry, a DevOps engineer’s role is to support the other developers and to oversee code implementation, packaging, and release along with other IT staff.

Assessing DevOps engineers using task simulation challenges

Tasks for DevOps engineers might include setting up a framework, performing quality assurance (QA), establishing a webserver, or automating system processes. Such capabilities can not be tested by solving algorithm questions.

Your Enterprise Filtered account includes task simulation challenges which you can use to evaluate DevOps engineers. Supported by AWS, the candidates are invited to a fully-accessible Linux system where certain packages have been pre-installed (for example: Apache HTTP Server, Docker, MySQL, Node.js, Python, or Ruby on Rails). Depending on the objectives, the candidate may be asked to do things like basic file management, software application development, or selenium testing. Candidates have maximum freedom in this environment. They can install additional packages and run various commands in order to help them solve the challenge.