Technical Recruitment Platform to Hire Better Talent

Technical recruitment platforms streamline skill assessment and talent acquisition across different technical positions.

The 2019 Talent Benchmarks Report by Lever shows that large companies interview an average of 94 candidates to make a single hire. The figure doubles for technical talent and specifically data-related roles at 189 candidates interviewed for a single hire. Technical recruitment platforms help companies connect faster to candidates and efficiently hire at scale. Let's take a closer look. 

Technical Recruitment Platform

Technical hiring presents a more complex challenge than regular hiring due to the variety of skill sets available. In addition, tech skills like coding, programming, and data manipulation are also challenging to assess. Tech talent also comes from around the world and presents language/cultural barriers that can lengthen the hiring process even more. 

With heated competition for top candidates, employers and recruiters cannot afford to lose time. Technical recruitment platforms help companies hire better and faster while giving candidates a positive experience. 

Hiring Better Talent

Technical recruiters and reviewing engineers are often asked to do HR duties without proper tools or training. Despite good intentions, such a setup invites human subjectivity and bias. Suitable candidates may be turned away, and unqualified applicants hired in their place. 

A technical recruitment platform helps remove human bias and uses skill as the main criteria for hiring. It enables engineering leaders and technical recruiters to make better hiring decisions through the following:

  • Standardizing skill assessment across complex technical fields such as full-stack engineering, data science, and others.

  • Automating scoring based on pre-established rubrics.

  • Streamlining talent acquisition across different technical positions.

  • Using objective standards for talent evaluation.

  • Systemizing interview processes for a shorter hiring timeline.

Technical recruitment platforms help engineers focus on more important aspects such as gauging skill and culture fit to make better hires. 

Hiring Faster

Global players like Procter & Gamble and Informatica have learned to speed up their hiring process to get ahead in a tough job market. These large companies successfully cut their interview time in half and make hiring decisions 3x faster than the average to secure the talent for their workforce. 

A dedicated technical recruitment platform can help employers and recruiters achieve the same through:

Candidate screening. Technical recruitment platforms screen candidate resumes for the right qualifications faster than human staff. AI-enabled platforms can also be programmed to use existing employees' profiles to benchmark applicants based on similar qualifications. When used properly, digital tools quickly narrow down a large candidate pool so employers can reach top candidates before competitors. 

Background check. A technical recruitment platform takes on time-consuming background checks for each qualified candidate. Platforms can link up professional networks such as Github, LinkedIn, AngelList, and others as social proof of credentials. Technical recruitment platforms can also require social media profiles for verification. Advanced platforms can flag empty profiles and alert recruiters and HR for further investigation. 

Skill-based assessment. Technical recruitment platforms can handle multiple candidate testing simultaneously, efficiently scaling up hiring. This quality frees manual recruiters and interviewers from fitting hundreds of candidates into available schedule slots for testing. In addition, technical recruitment platforms automate scoring, so top applicants quickly advance to the final interview. 

Providing Positive Candidate Experience

Lastly, technical recruitment platforms provide candidates with a positive experience. Technical interviews are notorious among applicants for being overly long, complicated, inadequate, and biased. In contrast, recruitment facilitated through technical hiring platforms are:

Short and simple. Candidates go through fewer steps and move through the hiring funnel faster. 

Adequate. Technical interviews are aligned with the prospective position. For example, front-end developers are given front-end projects to accomplish instead of an abstract coding puzzle to solve.

Neutral. Candidates know they are taking the same test given to everyone else. More importantly, they are scored with the same standards applied to all applicants. This neutrality frees candidates from the pressure of impressing a human observer and allows them to focus on showcasing their skills. 

Technical recruitment platforms help employers and recruiters make better hiring decisions by using skill as the main criteria. Technical recruitment platforms can quickly process a large candidate pool so engineers can concentrate on determining top candidates' skills and culture fit. Technical recruitment platforms streamline talent acquisition across different technical positions by standardizing skill assessment. Candidates also benefit from an efficient and neutral technical hiring process.  

Hire Better and Faster with Filtered’s Technical Recruitment Platform

Filtered has helped companies identify 5.5 times more qualified candidates, increase interview-to-hire from 4% to 60%, and shorten time-to-fill from 35 days to 12 days. We help you align the interview experience with your prospective technical role. 

Choose the right online skill assessment test from our range of coding challenges:

  • Full-stack
  • SQL
  • Data Science
  • DevOps
  • And more 

Our technical tests support 30+ languages and are designed to cover multiple skill levels within major engineering disciplines. Lastly, Filtered is equipped with robust fraud detection so that you can confidently hire technical talent anywhere in the world.

Filtered is a leader in skills-based, data-driven recruiting technology. Our end-to-end technical hiring platform enables you to spend time reviewing only the most qualified candidates, putting skills and aptitude at the forefront of your decisions. We’ll help you automate hiring while applying objective, data-driven techniques to consistently and confidently select the right candidates. To get started, contact our team today or register for a FREE demo.