Benefits of Digital Interview Platforms In Your Hiring Process

May 5, 2022
Digital interview platforms speed up the hiring process by eliminating pain points and automating routine tasks

Thinking of investing in digital interview platforms? Incorporating technology into the very human process of choosing a candidate for a job can bring welcome advantages, including faster time-to-fill and lower hiring costs. Here we’ll outline five benefits of leveling up your hiring process with digital interview platforms. 

Benefits of Digital Interview Platforms

It's safe to say that the global economy is increasingly fueled by digital hiring and recruitment. It's a trend that's here to stay, and only businesses with the right tools can get the most out of it. Below are details of how digital interview platforms streamline hiring processes:

#1 Shorter Hiring Timeline

Time is money — even in hiring and recruitment. Companies spend money on posting job ads, interviewing, and assessing applicants for a position. They also pay for lost productivity and team inefficiency until a vacant role is filled. One can imagine how a protracted search for a qualified candidate — stretching to weeks and months — can contribute to company expenses. 

Digital interview platforms effectively shorten companies’ hiring timelines through smarter hiring practices. One of these is through the use of video interviews. Using a digital platform, HR can schedule virtual meetups anytime, anywhere globally, without travel and in-person availability constraints. This flexibility helps hiring managers determine applicants’ eligibility faster than if both parties meet face-to-face in the company building. 

Another way digital interview platforms cut down on waiting times is through skill-based 

assessment. Hiring is only deemed successful if the candidate accepted for the job can do the job effectively. Digital interview platforms incorporate a range of technical, psychometric, and skill assessments to clarify whether a promising candidate can back up their talk with on-the-job competencies. Otherwise, hiring managers will have to go back out on the field and repeat the same process. 

By eliminating pain points and bottlenecks in the hiring process, digital interview platforms help companies fill open positions faster and more effectively. 

#2 More Efficient Hiring Process

Digital interview platforms create a highly efficient hiring process largely thanks to the automation of routine processes. Artificial intelligence makes short work of processing mountains of text-based applications that consume numerous HR staff hours. Digital interview platforms are suited to repetitive tasks such as:

  • Searching for candidates in professional networks
  • Reviewing resumes and screening for the right qualifications
  • Reaching out and inviting candidates to apply
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Collecting necessary documents

It’s not just companies who enjoy an efficient hiring process. Appcast reported that 50%-75% of candidates abandon their job applications when it takes longer than five minutes. The hiring process is the first point of contact for many applicants and furnishes a lasting impression of business competence, whether accurate or not. An efficient hiring process leaves applicants feeling that their needs were served even if they were not ultimately hired. 

#3 More Vetted Applicants

Besides resume reviews and screening, digital interview platforms produce high-quality candidate shortlists. Best-in-class digital hiring platforms automatically use candidate authentication features to verify profiles on professional networks and social media. If a candidate has no records or links to an empty profile page in their application, the platform can raise red flags and alert HR. 

Collection and screening of required documents can also be automated within the digital hiring process. If a candidate has missing educational credentials or training certifications, the platform can be programmed to send notifications for follow-up. 

#4 Richer Candidate Pool

Digital interview platforms increase the quality and size of a company’s talent pool. Automated resume screening, scheduling, and document collection enable HR to review more applicants daily and with fewer mistakes. A digital hiring process also narrows down a large batch of applications to a select few candidates, allowing for an influx of fresh applications.

Advanced platforms raise the quality of candidate pools by safeguarding against conscious/unconscious bias that excludes qualified applicants from the hiring funnel. People who have had different training or significant employment gaps are often overlooked in favor of those who have attractive resumes. This scenario is not only potentially discriminatory but downright foolish. With the ongoing Big Quit/Great Resignation, many qualified candidates’ resumes will look different in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital interview platforms can help employers recognize talent, eliminating outdated perspectives in hiring. 

#5 Bigger Cost-Savings

All of these benefits create significant cost savings for employers and recruiters. Consider the following:

  • Faster time-to-fill and time-to-hire saves expenses from repeated job advertising, interviews, and assessment.
  • Reduced human error in the hiring process saves companies the cost of a wrong hire. 
  • Automated tasks save HR hours and allow interviewers to focus on getting to know candidates.
  • Digitizing communications and documentation saves paperwork and telecommunications expenses.

In summary, digital interview platforms streamline the hiring process by eliminating pain points and automating routine tasks. Digital hiring platforms shorten time-to-hire and time-to-fill while ensuring selected candidates have the right skills for the job. Lastly, digital interview platforms produce high-quality candidate shortlists through online vetting and skill-based assessment. 

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