What is AI Resume Screening and How Can it Benefit Your Enterprise?

While artificial intelligence has been around since the last century, it was only recently that AI made its debut in hiring and recruitment. Use of AI in finding, screening, and assessing candidates gained rapid momentum during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns. Read on to learn what AI resume screening can do for employers and recruiters today. 

AI Resume Screening Benefits

Investing in recruitment software and technology is currently the top priority for recruiters, according to the 2021-22 HR Systems Survey by Sapient Insight Group. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) also reports that recruiters will use such technology to find talent and screen candidates at scale.  

This trend does not show signs of slowing down post-pandemic. The advantages of AI- and machine learning-powered HR tech continue to attract employers as remote hiring opens up a global landscape of talent and possibilities. 

Employers and recruiters that take advantage of such tools will find that AI resume screening has the following benefits: 

Shortens The Hiring Cycle

AI is designed to handle repetitive, mundane tasks. While human reviewers need several days or weeks to plow through numerous applications, AI can screen hundreds of resumes in minutes. AI doesn’t get tired or suffer from mental exhaustion, which is an essential factor for delays that affect even the most experienced HR and recruitment personnel. 

An efficient resume screening process moves candidates quickly through the hiring funnel. The faster candidates are screened and assessed, the quicker a position (or multiple job roles) is filled. This is a critical component and competitive advantage that saves time and money - especially for employers who regularly post numerous job openings or are struggling to fill multiple open positions. 

AI technology ensures that all submissions are automatically and promptly screened, and guarantees a fair chance to all applicants -including those not qualified for the job role. The sooner they are notified, the sooner they can move on to other opportunities. A speedy resume screening process builds a positive candidate experience for both qualified and unqualified job seekers. 

Accurately Selects Qualified Applicants

AI screening goes beyond keywords and identifies applicants based on aptitude. This feature effectively removes conscious and subconscious human bias from the evaluation process. Human judgment can be influenced by identifying information like gender, location, age, marital or parental status, education, career status, disability, and even resume photos. By sticking to a fixed set of criteria, AI increases the accuracy of applicant selection during the screening process. 

Typical resume screening tools include enrichers that add information to the submitted application by searching candidates' digital portfolios, social media, and other online information that provide deeper candidate insight and can more accurately identify a true candidate fit than a resume. 

AI resume screening platforms take it further by using existing employees' data to benchmark incoming candidates. Using this approach, AI selects candidates most likely to succeed in a job role based on similar qualifications. This step helps HR and recruiters predict the quality of hires based on real-world analysis of employee performance and actual work history.

Authenticates Candidates 

AI can authenticate candidates by analyzing public data that serve as proof of candidates’ claims. Professional networks like LinkedIn, Meetup, AngelList, Github, and others can be checked for work experience and portfolios. Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, also serve as evidence to show that applicants are who they say they are. Advanced AI resume screening platforms have the added ability to detect false or empty profiles and alert HR/recruiters accordingly. 

AI resume screening software filters out most applicants who do not have authentic qualifications. By narrowing down a massive candidate pool to a small number of qualified applicants, AI helps HR and recruiters make better judgments on who to advance to the next stage of the hiring process. 

In summary, AI resume screening helps HR and recruiters speed up the hiring cycle, select applicants based on qualifications and not preferences, and authenticate candidates early on. As AI takes care of routine tasks, HR personnel and recruiters can focus on more important segments of the hiring process that require sound judgment and critical thinking. 

Activate AI For Candidate Screening

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