Expert Talent With AI Recruiting Tools: The Future of Hiring

As we become increasingly connected online, more opportunities are opening up for recruiters, companies, and applicants than ever before. AI recruiting tools help companies keep up with the digitization of hiring through efficient solutions and intelligent insights. It completely changes the game for recruitment and hiring. If your recruiting team is going to get ahead of the competition, these are the best AI recruiting tools that will benefit the future of hiring.

What Are The Best AI Recruiting Tools On The Market?

Technology has taken an increasingly central role in major human activities after the COVID-19 pandemic suspended movement. After shaking up traditional notions of the workplace, technology pushes HR and decision-makers to ask questions about recruitment and hiring. From finding candidates to vetting resumes to shifting interviews online, AI recruiting tools are redefining today's hiring process. To find the best AI Recruiting tools on the market, it’s important to understand what comprises the more efficient and accurate tools and then to assess each set of tools to determine if they have what it takes. 

AI Recruiting Tools That Increase Fast-Pace Hiring

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While the need for technical hires is increasing and the supply is staying the same, the competition is using everything to win over the hearts of the best performing candidates. Technical hires don’t want to go through unfair, lengthy evaluations. The best AI recruiting tools excel at automating inherent recruitment tasks, such as resume and CV screening, and processing massive amounts of data quickly. 

Sophisticated AI recruiting tools analyze textual information and identify qualifications to narrow the candidate pool. AI recruiting tools go further and actively crawl resume repositories to seek promising candidates for a job position. These tools analyze a person’s eligibility for a position based on several attributes, including:

  • Job title and description
  • Employment history
  • Skills 
  • Training certification
  • Current work

If a certain candidate has strong qualifications, advanced AI tools can automatically reach out and offer an invitation to an interview. The faster companies get top talent, the better their chances of securing them. This process results in top-level candidates not always being won by the best but plausibly by the earliest offer. 

AI recruiting tools also speed up turnaround time for candidates, which is crucial for industries with time-intensive assessments. One example is coding challenges for developers and data engineers, which can last for days. An automated vetting system can inform unqualified candidates if they are not a great fit so they can move on. This system frees HR and recruiters’ time to get qualified candidates faster.

At the beginning of the recruitment process, identification verification is also important to speed up the process. If candidates are not verified, this could skew the results of the assessments. AI recruiting tools can verify the identity of candidates by syncing with other verified applications and websites such as GitHub and LinkedIn. Verification tools can also spot missing credentials, incomplete information, or forged certifications that human reviewers may overlook. 

AI Recruiting Tools That Decrease Costs But Not Productivity

Resume screening takes a lot of manual labor and time for multiple recruiters. AI recruiting tools eliminate the need for new or more employees to vet hundreds of resumes for a job opening. This way, the recruitment team can focus on more valuable tasks that require the attention of a human. 

Time is money. Illustration of business saving money by saving their workers time

Using AI, advanced hiring platforms also save companies valuable time and resources by catching fraudulent applications. Instead of following up leads with counterfeit qualifications, HR and recruiters can spend their time on authentic applicants. 

Another way AI recruiting tools can help companies save costs is through compliance. Some AI tools are specifically designed to check job advertisements and descriptions for inclusive language. The tool highlights words and phrases that can communicate bias and potentially violate equal employment laws. Diversity is important in the workforce. Therefore, encouraging applicants of all education and backgrounds can provide your team with the best applicants overall. To ensure your job listing is inclusive, AI recruiting tools can help HR and recruiters check for unintentionally biased language and actively seek diverse talent.

Instead of having random coding challenges that don’t relate to the job position or purchasing another integrated development environment (IDE) license, the best AI recruiting tools can mimic on-the-job coding environments and scenarios for candidates to assess. After all, the best way to assess whether a candidate is a good fit for a position is to place them in the same situation as if they had to perform those requirements. The most sophisticated AI recruiting tools will support multiple programming languages for multiple positions such as:

AI Recruiting Tools That Create Higher Quality Unbiased Assessments

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The best AI recruiting tools raise the quality of potential hires by looking for the right skills in candidates’ resumes. It looks for not only hard skills but also soft skills such as:

  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Self Awareness
  • Teamwork

This characteristic also helps eliminate superficial bias produced by an impressive CV. Factors such as the ones below can trigger conscious or unconscious bias in human interviewers:

  • Applicant photo
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age
  • Education
  • Employment gaps
  • Parental or carer status 

Neutral tools like AI focus on skills and capability as the primary requirements for a job role instead of factors relating to pedigree. Advanced tools can also benchmark a company’s top workers and use their performance as a standard for candidate assessment. 

Every candidate should be receiving the same assessments. The best way to achieve a fair, unbiased assessment is by giving a plethora of questions that can showcase candidates' ranges. If assessments only focus on one aspect of the position, the candidates who have strengths elsewhere can not showcase their skill sets. When creating assessments, AI recruiting tools can provide analytics and behavior assessment further to determine a candidate’s cultural fit with a company. AI-augmented video interviews, for example, can give human interviewers more insight than face-to-face interviews. AI recruiting tools can predict future performance based on trend analysis, giving human decision-makers more resources to make sound judgment calls. 

With these assessments, AI recruiting tools can create candidate profiles to save scores, code, videos, and other necessary information so recruiters can focus on the assessment rather than the data collection part. This data can then be used when determining candidates for the final decision without bringing them in for another interview.

Filtered: The Best Skill-Based Data-Driven Recruiting Technology

Thanks to AI recruiting tools, top-level candidates are easier to find through automated vetting and candidate authentication. Top talent is also harder to miss as AI tools eliminate bias and improve candidate experience. Advanced capabilities such as predictive analytics and behavior assessment help companies make the best-informed decision about potential hires. AI recruiting tools are helping companies digitize hiring in the post-pandemic era through speed, productivity, and efficiency.

After determining what is necessary for good AI recruiting tools, the difficult part is finding the technology with all these features, integrations, and more. Luckily, Filtered can fulfill all these needs! 

Filtered is a leader in skill-based, data-driven recruiting technology. Our end-to-end technical hiring platform enables you to spend time reviewing only the most qualified candidates, putting skills and aptitude at the forefront of your decisions.  We’ll help you automate hiring while applying objective, data-driven techniques to consistently and confidently select the right candidates. See what our AI recruiting tools can do to digitize your hiring and recruitment. To get started, contact our team today or register for a FREE demo.