Ruby on Rails Coding Challenge for Technical Hiring

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Assessing developers on the necessary skills to be successful in your open position(s) can be challenging. A Ruby on Rails coding challenge may be exactly what your hiring team needs. It helps companies assess the Ruby on Rails development skills of a potential employee. With the use of data-driven recruiting, your company can hire the best developers ahead of the competition. 

Why Evaluate With a Ruby on Rails Coding Challenge?

Ruby on Rails is a high-performance commercial web application framework. This framework makes it easier for developers to detect and rectify any programming errors, making it faster for developers to debug and get running code. It is also a very user-friendly platform. For developers with little experience using frameworks, Ruby on Rails is the best open-source framework for perfecting object-oriented programming. Additionally, Ruby on Rails helps developers set up code easier with pre-built code libraries.

Since Ruby on Rails covers both front-end and back-end programming, it would be beneficial to use a Ruby on Rails coding challenge to test the candidate's overall development skill set. It can highlight whether they are better at front-end or back-end programming. This insight could be helpful when onboarding and training. 

Ruby on Rails Soft Skills Assessment

While Ruby on Rails is a useful framework for object-oriented programming, there are still a lot of soft skills that a programmer should possess to take advantage of all of its advantages. 

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Ambition/Perseverance
  • Self Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Creativity

A candidate's soft skills often get looked over in interview assessments. Whether they mean to be looked over or not, technical interviews are bound to focus more on technical skills. Unfortunately, a lot of coding depends on the programmer's soft skills, so companies miss potential opportunities when these skills are overlooked. Luckily, using data-driven recruiting techniques and technology, your company can assess all the candidates' soft skills before meeting them. AI resume screening will give your team a better understanding of the candidate's soft skills right from the start. 

Ruby on Rails Coding Challenge: Test Questions

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While testing a candidate on their Ruby on Rails skill sets is important, it doesn’t have to be the entire evaluation. If you utilize the correct technology, you can incorporate a Ruby on Rails coding challenge into your take-home test

Since Ruby on Rails is all about efficiency and data-saving, the evaluation should be too. The most efficient way to incorporate a Ruby on Rails coding challenge into a take-home test is to include snip-bits of code in the testing environment for candidates to assess. These take-home tests can then be automatically graded, with the candidate's code saved automatically to candidate profiles. 

You can also turn Ruby on Rails code into multiple-choice questions. The best way to do this is by keeping the questions clear and thorough. Multiple-choice questions won’t help assess a candidate's skills unless it requires some sort of interaction. Asking for vocabulary definitions won’t help your recruiting team determine whether the candidate can code or not. Multiple-choice questions allow the candidate to utilize their skills effectively. 

Some examples include: 

  • Select the output of a slice of code.
  • This assesses the candidate's ability to read code properly.
  • Select the code that fills in the blank.
  • This also assesses the ability to read code and then brings it further by assessing whether the candidates know where to place functions properly.
  • Selecting the number of iterations in a given loop.
  • This assesses whether the candidates understand how loops and indexes work.

Ruby on Rails Coding Challenge: Real-Life Scenarios 

Along with asking Ruby on Rails questions on the take-home test, your recruitment team can fully assess the candidate's skills with a face-to-face coding challenge. There are a few things to keep in mind when giving these assessments. 

  1. Use real-life examples as the set scenarios for the candidate to perform.

This scenario allows the candidates to understand what kind of projects your company invests in. It also gives your hiring team insight into whether the candidate will fulfill the job's requirements. 

  1. Use a video conferencing room built for engineers.

This scenario allows your team to give interviews from anywhere in the world, anytime, therefore leaving out all the extra scheduling. The candidates' real-time code will save to their profiles and you can evaluate all candidates using the same environmental standards.

  1. Use virtual whiteboard environments for diagram building.

Virtual whiteboards that sync with the video conferencing room help candidates explain their thought processes and plan for their code.

Assessing Candidates Better With Filtered

When you assess a candidate on their programming skills, it's also important to assess their thought processes, soft skills, and learning capability. Using a Ruby on Rails coding challenge with data-driven recruiting can help recruiting teams assess all candidates quickly and efficiently. Creating Ruby on Rails questions is easier than finding the data-driven recruiting technology. Luckily, Filtered has all the integrations and features your team needs to fulfill all aspects of the evaluation process. 

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