Why More Tech Businesses Are Using Asynchronous Video Interviews

A man sitting in front of a camera answering interview questions for an asynchronous video interview.

The hiring process is the backbone of any company's potential. Ensuring that your hiring team is optimizing the use of all tools and methods is essential for increasing this potential with each new hire. More tech companies are using asynchronous video interviews instead of regular video meeting interviews. Utilizing this new technology can increase productivity during the hiring process. Therefore, it’s good to know what an asynchronous video interview looks like and the best ways to implement it into your interview process.

What is an Asynchronous Video Interview?

When something is asynchronous, it is not continuous. There will be a delay between recipients relaying and receiving information. Generally, interviews are synchronous, meaning an interviewer asks the questions, and the interviewee responds with an answer in real time. 

Asynchronous video interviews use platforms for candidates to record answers to interview questions. These platforms then store the recorded answer into a candidate profile for evaluation. 

Multiple aspects of the interview process can incorporate this technology for more optimization. These areas of the hiring process could benefit from asynchronous video interview technology:

  • Take-home test 
  • Coding assessment 
  • Soft skill assessment

Why is it Important?

This form of interviewing is fairly new and will eventually change how technical software job interviews are conducted. Asynchronous video interviewing is an important feature for the progression of increased productivity. 

This new form of interviewing will allow applicants to take more time to form their answers to questions. It is also more convenient than scheduling time for a face-to-face meeting. Asynchronous video interviews give candidates time to prep and feel comfortable. This atmosphere fosters a positive experience for candidates that may stimulate conversation with other potential candidates.       

Asynchronous video interviews also help in reviewing candidate material. Since the answers will be recorded and saved in candidate profiles, employers can review the videos and select the best fit. 

It’s also important for hiring managers to recollect candidates' answers before offering the position. If the employer cannot remember the candidates’ responses, it may result in mistakenly hiring an unqualified candidate. Recorded interviews help avoid this misremembering. 

Asynchronous video interviews save time for the hiring team. While a regular interview usually has one person doing the evaluations, multiple employees could pass these recorded interviews around for evaluations. This way, you get a better overall understanding of each candidate for a better hire. 

Best Ways to Implement Asynchronous Video Interviews 

Implementing this technology can improve the hiring process. You can use this technology to understand each candidate's performance in three key places.

Take-Home Tests

Implementing this interview technique into your company’s take-home tests for candidates would be a perfect way to incorporate this technology into your hiring process. 

The recorded answers to questions give interviewers more time to focus on other important aspects of the hiring process. This tool simplifies the process of elimination for hiring managers/teams. 

Coding Assessments 

Utilizing this technology during technical assessments can be beneficial as well. Reviewing a technical assessment in a synchronous interview can take a lot of time. If there was a programming assessment, this technology could save the candidate's input and output to their profiles for a convenient review.  

Soft Skills Assessments

Understanding a candidate's soft skills is important. Tech companies often focus on hard skills during interviews. The recorded answers allow interviewers to thoroughly analyze the candidates' soft skills from their body language and answers. 

An asynchronous review of soft skills is less awkward for everybody. Additionally, it guarantees that interviewers will not miss any skills a candidate possesses because they can assess the videos multiple times instead of just once in a real-time interview.

Filtered: Optimize Your Hiring Process 

Implementing asynchronous video interviews can optimize your hiring process in more ways than one. It can help guarantee that the best-fit candidates receive offers for open positions. Asynchronous video interviews allow interviewers to re-assess soft skills, hard skills, and unique technical skills that could otherwise be looked over in a traditional interview. With multiple interviewers assessing candidates, you nurture the best overall candidate experience and encourage new hires that will increase your company’s potential. Filtered offers asynchronous video interviews for any hiring team looking to optimize their hiring process. 

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