What is the Best Virtual Interview Platform for Technical Hiring?

The best virtual interview platform for technical hiring features top video quality, flexible interview options, live challenge environments, and fraud detection.

There is no turning back from using virtual interview platforms. According to Indeed, 82% of surveyed employers say they adopted virtual interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic. 93% say they plan to continue doing so in the future. Here's what to look for when choosing a virtual interview platform for technical hiring

Benefits of Using Virtual Interview Platforms

The number one benefit of using virtual interview platforms is convenience. Virtual interview platforms enable people to meet without requiring travel, venue, or office hours. Employers surveyed by Indeed enjoyed these benefits:

  • 74% said using a virtual interview platform sped up hiring

  • 79% cited easier management of the hiring process including online assessment

  • 77% believe a virtual interview platform improved candidate experience

  • 84% said it mitigated health risks from the ongoing pandemic

  • 84% said virtual interviews increased diversity in their applicant pools

By eliminating traditional barriers to a standard face-to-face interview, a virtual interview platform opens up outside markets for companies. This quality decreases competition for talent in a limited location and allows employers to select top talent from a larger pool. Industries that place a premium on skills, such as technical fields, benefit from a wider range of applicant networks. A virtual interview platform also bridges the gap between employers and talented candidates who prefer flexible arrangements due to health concerns or home responsibilities. 

Best Features for Technical Hiring

Look for these features when choosing a virtual interview platform features for technical hiring:

Video Interview Functionality

The virtual interview platform should feature excellent video quality and flexible functionality for different modes. Interviewers should be able to conduct interviews via live video chat or have the applicant record responses to pre-interview questions. 

Video interviews should also be easily recorded and reviewed. Best-in-class technical virtual interview platforms enable minute-by-minute playback, with some platforms using technology to provide behavioral insight during the interview. 

For technical interview assessments, it's best to look for platforms that incorporate activity analysis so interviewers can follow candidates’ thought processes during the test/challenge. 

Live Whiteboarding and Challenge Environments 

Technical assessments that use coding challenges, or whiteboarding tests should be easily replicated on a dedicated virtual interview platform. If the platform supports live environments without requiring candidates to download a lot of software, all the better. Choose a platform that emphasizes experience and functionality, such as an intuitive interface, video chatting options, and user-friendly tools. 

Platforms that offer a wide range of live environments for different levels and types of challenges are a good investment if the company or recruiter interviews multiple technical talents regularly.

The best platforms balance versatility with simplicity to create a standardized experience for technical assessment.

Candidate Authentication and Fraud Detection

Virtual interview platforms for technical hiring should have security and fraud safeguards. Check if the platform offers encrypted or secure channels to ensure privacy. Employers should also look for functionality that helps combat fraud, such as:

• Plagiarism check (for written and code outputs)

• Detection of multiple open tabs used for cheating purposes

• Detection of 2nd monitor or another IDE

• Suspicious number of mouse exits from the main screen

• Multiple people seen on video during assessment

• Fake profiles on professional networks

• Fake IP addresses

• Multiple attempts to pass screening tests

Best-in-class technical hiring platforms equipped with anti-fraud measures help employers hire applicants with greater confidence and fairness. 

Optional Features

Other optional features can be considered for unique company needs, such as mobile support, automated feedback forms, or scheduling/notifications for follow-up. See what works for a particular setup and check whether your interview process requires these built into the platform. If not, consider whether a workaround complements the main platform functionality for your technical hiring needs.

The best virtual interview platform for technical hiring should feature excellent video interview functionality that allows different interview modes. Recording and filing of video responses should also be automated for faster review. Choose technical virtual interview platforms that easily support live environments for whiteboarding and coding challenges. Lastly, look for a virtual interview platform that has safeguards for security risks and fraud detection so you can assess and hire top candidates with confidence. Optional features can also be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on your company’s hiring needs. 

Best Virtual Interview Platform for Technical Hiring

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