ID Verification & Social Authentication

Is your candidate really taking the interview?

When verifying a candidate for an interview, it's crucial to ensure their authenticity, beyond just social verification. Although a candidate may have impressive coding test scores, their true familiarity with the required skills may not be apparent until an on-site meeting with the hiring manager. To enhance the integrity of the hiring process, integrating ID verification alongside social verification can be a key step. This dual-layer approach ensures that the person taking the interview is indeed the candidate in question, adding an extra layer of confidence in the assessment process.

How our ID verification works

We employ a multi-layered approach to detect fake IDs. Here's a breakdown of our essential methods:
1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Extract and verify text data from the ID image, looking for inconsistencies or errors.
2. Image analysis: Examining the document for signs of tampering, manipulation, or low quality that might indicate a fake.
3. Government database checks: Cross-checking information like ID number, issuing authority, and expiry date against official databases (where permitted).
4. Facial matching: Comparing the selfie to the photo on the ID to verify they depict the same person.

Authenticate candidates using a professional profile

Filtered authenticates candidates using Linkedin, Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab (and optionally Facebook). Linkedin is the most used professional profile platform in the United States. Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab are the most common platforms that developers use for programming work and open source contributions. For experienced developers, they usually have many public or private repositories that live inside Github. When a candidate submits their interview, they must connect one of these social media accounts. The hiring manager will be able to view the candidate's connected account.

Confidence in your candidates

Through this authentication process, you can make sure the candidate taking the interview is really your candidate. Occasionally, candidates create a new Linkedin profile just to submit and then delete it afterward (similarly, they may use an empty Github for the authentication). In both cases, we include the report inside your Confidence Analysis and let the you make judgement call.