ATS Integrations and Partners

Stay within your ‘center of excellence’

Filtered integrates seamlessly into most major ATS systems (Taleo, Workday, Greenhouse, Lever, Jobvite, etc). By combining the power of objective technical screening with the system you already use, Filtered introduces an extra layer of polish to your familiar workflow. Create interviews and invite candidates directly from your ATS, and view the submissions from your candidate records. Filtered makes it easy to hire better without leaving the system that you live in.

Mix and match the workflow

Depending on your needs, Filtered can lightly or fully integrate into your ATS. Some companies feel comfortable doing work inside of the Filtered app, and their integration is as simple as a link that lives in the ATS candidate record which connects the candidate with their filtered interview. On the other hand, there are cases where a company prefers to do everything from creating the interview to inviting candidates to review interviews from inside their ATS system. Filtered can achieve this level of integration if the need arises.