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8 Reasons Why It’s Time to Invest in Skills-Based Technical Hiring
While the global economy in a state of flux, top companies are investing in skills-based hiring process and technology to hire top technical talent.
Technical Interviewing Nightmares — and What Hiring Teams Can Learn From Them
Want to know what it's like for candidates to go through today's technical hiring process? Learn about the ugly side of technical interviews and how to make sure your process never fails!
It’s Time to Embrace Generative AI in Technical Hiring — and Ditch the Code Test
Cheating has been prevalent in the coding test space for years, but now with generative AI it's never been discussed more. But generative AI isn't the bad guy, it's the coding test.
ChatGPT is Changing Engineering — and Why This is Just the Beginning
ChatGPT is changing software engineering. This is just the beginning. And it’s a good thing for the future of technology builders and innovators. Even if it’s a little scary. 
New Survey: What Top Talent Thinks About the Technical Hiring Process
Our data shows that today’s technical hiring process isn’t working well for many candidates. Understanding what candidates want and what they dislike about today’s interview process is what inspires us every day to build a better technical hiring platform.

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