VUE.JS Developer Assessment Test: What Employers Need to Know

Programming candidate taking a programming assessment test

Programming tests are an efficient way to assess a potential candidate’s hard and soft skills. They also help determine whether someone fits your company’s open development position(s). By implementing a Vue.js developer assessment test into your interview process, your recruitment team can identify the candidate’s knowledge of that library and ability to use common programming patterns.  

Creating a Successful Vue.js Developer Assessment Test

A qualified developer should be able to solve various problems on take-home tests and real-time applications with different programming languages and frameworks. JavaScript is one of the most commonly used languages in programming. Websites use JavaScript to create interactive functionality. This process includes creating dynamic websites, implementing animation, validating input, and more. 

JavaScript is not only a front-end development language but also a back-end development language. Understanding the fundamentals of JavaScript can help developers create and overcome a multitude of programming problems because of the language's versatility. If you are interviewing candidates for a development position, gauging their ability to perform the job’s requirements effectively can be determined by their understanding of JavaScript fundamentals. Still, it's an even better indicator of their skill sets if the developer understands the JavaScript framework. Frameworks take programming to the next level by helping developers simplify the coding process to produce better code more frequently. 

Why Use Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to program faster, easier, and more efficiently. A good Vue.js developer must solve problems using available Vue.js libraries. The candidate should also understand and use the various programming patterns specific to Vue.js. 

Since the framework optimizes specific snippets of code and has libraries to pull generic code from, it’s much faster for developers to create a full program. Therefore, the recruitment team doesn’t need to make the Vue.js developer assessment test simple to keep it short when evaluating a candidate. Interviewers should be able to assess the candidate creating a small application being built with a framework in equal time to that of a programmer solving a portion of the program from scratch. 

By assessing a candidate's knowledge of the framework with a Vue.js developer assessment test, employers can easily determine the candidate's ability to perform the job requirements. 

Make it Detailed and Efficient 

Creating a thorough Vue.js developer assessment test is vital to the hiring process. However, time is still of the essence when hiring the most qualified applicant. Data-driven recruiting technology can help provide a seamless hiring process with a faster outcome. These tools also improve the quality of your Vue.js developer assessment test.

Programming language, Vue.js inscription on the background of computer code.

Vue.js skills can be assessed in take-home and real-time evaluations. If your recruitment team implements a take-home test with Vue.js questions, utilizing recorded answer submissions would be beneficial for numerous reasons. Recorded answers help:

Vue.js developer assessment tests provide faster results in a take-home test if the recruitment team utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) in the grading process. Automated grading is the best way to promptly assess a candidate's experience and performance. A candidate’s results are automated as soon as they finish, streamlining the process of narrowing down applicant pools. 

Pedigree is often present in the hiring process. Using artificial intelligence to grade assessments and perform resume screenings assures employers base their hiring decisions on the candidate's potential. 

Scenarios and Questions

When giving an assessment of Vue.js, your recruitment team should give on-the-job programming scenarios for the candidates to navigate. The best way to give this assessment is by utilizing a virtual conferencing room built specifically for engineers. This process includes virtual whiteboards for diagram building and integrated development environments (IDE) that can be shared on screen. 

Virtual assessments are often better for recruitment teams to streamline onboarding for new hires. By giving virtual interviews, recruitment teams minimize the time it takes to schedule interviews and the travel time it takes for candidates to get to the office. 

Here are a few scenarios your hiring team can run by the candidate to determine their skill sets and level of knowledge:

  • Add functionality to a pre-written HTML and CSS contact page so users can submit the form to the intended person. 
  • Create a calculator application that only allows the input of float-type variables and truncates everything past the first two decimals of the answer.
  • Create an application that asks the user to pick a number from 1 to 10 (only excepting integers). If the user types anything out of range or a value that is not an integer, a GUI will pop up to identify an error message. If the user types in anything within the range, recite it back to them in written words. (e.g. 1 is one, 2 is two, 3 is three, and so forth).
  • Create an application that asks a user to input (integers only) a number representing several inches and converts it into the respective centimeters, feet, yards, meters, and miles. 
  • Create an application that counts the duplicates in an array of 10 integers presented by a user's input. 

Reinventing Recruiting With Data-Driven Technology 

Implementing a Vue.js developer assessment test can provide great insight into a candidate's potential, but you must execute it correctly. Creating a detail-oriented Vue.js developer assessment test that fits within the onboarding process time frame is simpler with data-driven recruitment technology and AI. Your Vue.js developer assessment tests will give more accurate results faster with Filtered. Filtered provides all the tools necessary to employ top-quality candidates before the competition. 

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