Infrastructure Subprocessors

Service Data Storage and Content Delivery Networks

  • Google Cloud Platform (United States)

    Cloud Service Provider

  • Amazon Web Services (United States)


  • MongoDB Inc (United States)

    Database as a Service

Service Specific Subprocessors

Filtered works with certain third parties to provide specific functionality within the Services. These providers are the Subprocessors set forth below. In order to provide the relevant functionality these Subprocessors access Service Data. Their use is limited to the indicated Services.

  1. Auth0 (United States)

    Secure identity management of user accounts and personal information. Social media login.

    Filtered Interview Manager. Filtered Candidate Experience.

  2. AWS Chime (United States)

    Live video chat room streaming service.

    Filtered live room.

  3. IPStack (Austria)

    Find candidate approximate Geolocation based on IP address

    Filtered Candidate Experience.

  4. Judge0 (United States)

    Compile and score programming challenges.

    Filtered Candidate Experience.

  5. Mixpanel (United States)

    User behavior tracking for analytics purposes and product planning.

    All services.

  6. OpenAI (United States)

    Text summarizations and recommendations.

    Filtered Interview Manager.

  7. Persona Identities (United States)

    Identity verification.

    Filtered Candidate Experience.

  8. Sendgrid (United States)

    Transactional and marketing emails to all users and candidates.

    Filtered Interview Manager. Filtered Candidate Experience.

  9. Stripe (United States)

    Payment gateway which charges a customer and required billing information.

    Filtered manager accounts.

  10. TalentIQ (United States)

    Find and show the publicly-available social media accounts of candidates who take an interview.

    Filtered Interview Manager. Filtered Candidate Experience.

  11. Uploadcare (United States)

    Upload candidate resumes and solution explanations. Upload account avatars.

    Filtered Interview Manager. Filtered Candidate Experience.

  12. Webshrinker (United States)

    Open tabs categorization during a candidate interview.

    Filtered Candidate Experience.