After success with using Filtered to hire for technical roles, an education technology company serving millions of learners in 165 countries, decided to expand their usage of Filtered to hire multiple candidates for seasonal, non-technical roles.

Managed by a single recruiter, the company listed job postings with direct links to begin Filtered video interviews. Candidates were asked to provide 2 minute answers to 7 questions. Filtered determined confidence scores for each candidate, automatically weeding out those that failed to meet threshold score and scoring down those that excessively re-recorded answers.

The recruiter prioritized reviewing recorded candidate responses by confidence score, spending 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes and allowing all hiring managers to review the initial interview. Interviewers marked the candidate status directly in Filtered, and proceeded to the next interview stage for the most valuable candidates quickly.


Hiring Timeline


Single source of truth

Filtered centralized all interview responses and interviewer notes in one place, giving hiring managers an up-to-date comprehensive perspective of each candidate that could be instantly shared with every hiring manager.

Shortened time to fill

Filtered provided the recruiting manager with an efficient alternative to collect, prioritize and easily share phone screens with hiring managers. By allowing reviewers to seamlessly collaborate, the company whittled down 1030 candidates in just 10 business days.

10x recruiter capacity

Filtered helped the company’s single recruiting manager do the job of ten recruiters. By screening offline, and using Filtered’s AI-driven scoring system, they saved over 90% of the effort normally needed to manage a pipeline of 1000+ candidates.
“Filtered saves time from having to do phone screens ourselves. It’s more organized in a way that multiple interviewers can actually see/hear candidates rather than reviewing notes.”
Hiring Manager
Education Tech Company


Overall, Filtered demonstrated how to unlock unimagined productivity for their recruiting team for both technical and non-technical hires. Particularly for seasonal, high volume shift hires, Filtered enabled the company to expand the size of their candidate pipeline while helping recruiters identify the right hire in a fraction of the time.