In response to the COVID pandemic, a car rental corporation embraced a project called ‘Low Touch, No Touch’ to create self-service options for customers and eliminate unnecessary physical touch points throughout the rental process.

This endeavor, along with other API integration and cloud-focused initiatives, required substantial hiring of technical talent, which had to be done remotely. Finding a platform that could accurately detect candidate fraud was critical to successfully transition to a pandemic-safe remote technical hiring process.

In addition to fraud detection and candidate confidence, Filtered’s capabilities for testing and remote video interviewing opened up opportunities to hire new engineering skill sets at scale and improved candidate fit within their team and the company’s mission.



No fraud detected in candidates hired through Filtered.

Fraud Detection

The car rental corporation was able to feel fully confident in their virtual hiring decisions with Filtered’s ‘Confidence Analysis’ report that validates candidate authentication, identifies plagiarism, flags copied/pasted answers, detects multi-changing faces and tracks open tabs to prevent outside help.


Eliminated time-consuming phone screens.

Streamlined Workflow

Filtered immediately eliminated one third of the candidates and removed phone screens altogether, saving countless hours while improving overall team efficiency through pre-built assessments and the automation of scheduling, applicant tracking, and team scoring – improving their ability to compete for this talent by moving quickly.


Interview-to-hire ratio dropped from 4:1 to 2.5:1.

Quality of Hiring

The company was able to more quickly identify candidates that were a ‘true fit’ through Filtered’s performance-based hiring process and comprehensive 360-candidate view profiles. The unique combination of video questions, coding challenges, and simulated real-world projects showcase both hard and soft skill capabilities and culture fit, providing the real insight needed to accurately measure aptitude.
“Filtered’s capabilities far exceed their competitors. Especially when it comes to fraud prevention and identity verification – you really stood out and fulfilled our greatest need.”
Talent Acquisition Leader
Car Rental Corporation


Filtered’s ability to confidently and accurately identify qualified candidates boosted the company’s confidence in remote hiring and empowered them to quickly pivot from conducting onsite interviews, which was essential to their ability to expand their team and safely compete for talent and business during a pandemic.