A major US broadband provider uses Filtered’s customizable candidate assessments and video interview questions as a mandatory screening process for contract labor sourced by suppliers.

The pilot split candidate requests for mobile web development contractors into two groups — the majority of requests followed their normal procedures, while nearly a third would require suppliers to only submit candidates who successfully completed Filtered assessments.

By requiring candidates to first be screened in a standardized, digitized process, suppliers became empowered to begin any candidate on the interview process while reserving the time for hiring managers to focus on only the most qualified.


Reduced candidate submissions by


Screening all candidates first with Filtered’s standardized coding challenge and video responses narrowed the number of high potential hires early in the process, eliminating nearly 75% of wasteful interviews.


the amount of hires from candidates interviewed
Interviewers focused on only the most promising talent, and were able to hire more developers while decreasing the overall number of interviews in the process.
Reduced time to fill contract labor by


By moving poor candidates out of the pipeline and focusing on high value talent faster, the average time to hire contract labor sourced by outside suppliers was cut by 5 days.
“A great way to do initial screenings and saves a lot of time for hiring managers. Filtered allows you to see and observe candidate coding prior to even talking to them, plus it ensures hiring managers have a standard and consistent method of interviewing.”
Hiring Manager
Major U.S. Broadband Provider


Filtered’s ability to confidently and accurately identify qualified candidates boosted the broadband provider's confidence in remote hiring and empowered them to quickly pivot from conducting onsite interviews, which was essential to their ability to expand their team and safely compete for talent and business during a pandemic.