Using Contingent Workforce Solutions Enables a New Level of Corporate Staffing

Contingent workforce solutions help companies overcome hiring and recruiting challenges

66% of surveyed U.S. employers said they anticipate hiring and recruiting will be “somewhat” or “very” challenging, according to the 2021 Survey of HR Challenges by online resource XpertHR. 59% also anticipate workforce planning to prove difficult, while 55% said workplace health and safety would be a major concern. These continue to be relevant issues today. Employers can utilize contingent workforce solutions such as dedicated hiring platforms to level up their corporate staffing amidst recruitment challenges.

Contingent Workforce Solutions

The contemporary labor market has changed for good, with many workers rethinking their career paths in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are leaving long-term jobs, and many more are trying to discover new opportunities. With so much employee turnover, contingent workforce solutions can help companies change how they hire for the better

Expertise at Short Notice

Companies can use contingent workforce solutions to find qualified candidates and fill immediate staffing needs quickly. Sometimes employers only need a specific skill set for a temporary project and are not ready to hire a permanent worker. Contingent workers offer businesses a way to fill skill gaps at short notice. 

Contingent workers sell their expertise as a short-term service. Businesses can build a long-term relationship with authenticated contingent workers without full-time employment obligations. In many cases, this is a win-win situation for both parties. 

To ensure that your company is getting access to the right talent, choose contingent workforce solutions with candidate authentication features. Ideally, workers’ credentials and background should be thoroughly verified so hiring managers can make the right judgment call.

Workforce Planning

Contingent workforce solutions help companies build a talent pool for emergency needs. Hiring managers can access a ready list of qualified people on demand instead of starting from square one every time a project requires extra hands. This characteristic reduces time-to-fill, especially for urgent positions. 

Another advantage is that contingent workers are likely to be available at shorter notice than workers looking for a permanent position. Unlike applicants seeking long-term jobs, temporary workers do not need to consider many factors before getting started. Independent contractors are also more inclined to accommodate projects outside office hours than full-time employees. 

Companies with varying project schedules and scales are well-positioned to benefit from contingent workforce solutions. Hiring managers can better implement workforce planning with a contingent talent resource instead of a full-time workforce that may not fit every project size. This approach to workforce planning is equally important for small enterprises with limited budgets for employing a large workforce. Therefore, contingency workforce solutions furnish businesses with a cost-effective solution to workforce planning.

Workplace Safety 

Though the worst seems to be over; health risks are still a concern for employers and workers. Contingent workforce solutions enable high-quality virtual interviews with numerous candidates while eliminating health risks to on-site employees. This approach also favors candidates who have qualms about attending an initial interview on-site before getting to know a client better through a virtual meet-up.

Health safety and workplace security are also upheld through the use of contingent workforce solutions. Candidates do not need to unnecessarily access office grounds to participate in an interview with hiring managers. HR and recruiters can use contingent workforce solutions to narrow down a list of viable workers to one or a few shortlisted candidates before scheduling an on-site meeting as needed. For companies that recruit temporary workers regularly, physical contact and health risks can be limited using a contingent workforce solution. 

Contingent workforce solutions help companies overcome current hiring and recruiting challenges. Employers can access a ready source of talent and expertise at short notice using a contingent workforce solution instead of starting from square one every time a position opens up. Hiring managers can better plan workforce size and deployment according to project scale with a contingent workforce resource. HR is also given more flexibility in workforce scheduling with a contingent labor supply. Lastly, contingent workforce solutions help address ongoing health concerns and workplace safety using virtual interviews and assessments. Altogether, the benefits of using contingent workforce solutions enable companies to stay prepared for staffing needs sustainably. 

Level Up Corporate Staffing

Filtered offers contingent workforce solutions for corporate staffing needs. Check out our platform benefits:

  • ATS integration: standardized candidate qualifications for MSP
  • Accountability: enable progress tracking and status updates
  • One-to-many submission: qualified candidates are matched to relevant open positions

We are proud to say that we have helped companies identify 5.5 times more qualified candidates, increased interview-to-hire from 4% to 60%, and shortened time-to-fill from 35 days to 12 days. 

Filtered is a leader in skills-based, data-driven recruiting technology. Our end-to-end technical hiring platform enables you to spend time reviewing only the most qualified candidates, putting skills and aptitude at the forefront of your decisions. We’ll help you automate hiring while also applying objective, data-driven techniques to consistently and confidently select the right candidates. To get started, contact our team today or register for a FREE demo.