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Filtered.AI™ hiring tools help leading brands responsibly leverage generative AI to verify skills, streamline the interview process, and shortlist best-fit candidates for every role, at scale.

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Build the Best Teams

Our Skills Verification Platform helps hiring teams authenticate, assess, interview, and select best-fit candidates for any role.

Accelerate time-to-hire, improve DEI outcomes, make data-driven hiring decisions, and save you and your team thousands of hours per year.

Cutting-Edge AI Solutions for Leading Brands

Verify Identity and Screen Every Candidate

Verify candidate identity with government ID checks and AI-powered fraud monitoring, while screening candidates on their hard and soft skills for every role.

Implement Technical Skill Assessments

Objectively assess technical candidates on their real-world skills using a range of technical skill assessments, customized for every role & seniority level.

Streamline Interview Process with AI

Make interviewing more effective with AI-assisted interviews and richer insights to simplify and accelerate the interview process.

Deliver Objective Data to DEI Programs

Anonymously review candidate performance and surface AI-powered candidate insights to reduce bias and improve DEI outcomes at scale.

Empowering Global Customers and Candidates in

100+ Countries

Candidate Experience Matters

Candidates often drop out of the hiring process or choose a competitor based on a poor hiring experience.

We’ll help you empower candidates to showcase their skills while speeding up the interview process, leaving candidates more satisfied and likely to accept the offer.

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Enterprise Privacy & Security


Data Ownership & Restricted Use

We minimize, encrypt, and take care of your data.

Security Policies & Protocols

We implement and enforce strict security policies and protocols.

GDPR Compliant

We ensure compliance, risk mitigation, and controls are designed and operating properly.


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