How Cigna used Filtered to fill their most difficult positions

Aaron Davis

Senior Manager Software Engineering

Aaron needed to make a big change in his organization: shift from using 100% software contractors to using 70% in-house workforce. It was a huge challenge. But how to get there? For Aaron, this meant starting with a different tool called Codility and eventually switching to Filtered.

Many candidates that were screened by phone couldn’t answer simple coding questions, which narrowed down the pool. Aaron, who has lots of experience in hiring and spotting candidates that cheat, was only able to hire 1 person out of more than 30 who had taken a code test with Codility. Additionally, candidates being tested weren’t coding in their browser, so Aaron couldn’t see their approach. It was far too easy for people to cheat his coding tests by getting help from peers or looking up answers online.

“Codility it was really hard to tell if there was real fraud or not and prove it.”

Hiring only one person at Cigna after all of that time wasn’t good enough for Aaron. He needed to find talented candidates faster and screen out cheaters before they got to the next round.

Aaron turned to Filtered, and the results were entirely different:

39 Filtered interviews > 19 next round > 7 offers > 6 hires and 1 rejection

6× increase in good-fit hires.

Interviewing with Filtered is all about quality. In Aaron’s case, he mentions: “I got some great interviews that passed the final interview but they just didn’t accept the final offer, which is fine. I’d rather interview those people than people I can’t make an offer to.” Before Filtered, he couldn’t be confident in making those offers because candidates of poor fit would make it passed the screening rounds.

The story of Filtered at Cigna continues further. The company onboarded more than 40 recruiters, and Filtered helped them uncover a cheating scandal that they would have never seen without the tool. A handful of candidates between multiple recruiters had taken the interview from the exact same location and had given the exact same answers. Filtered’s analysis tools brought this bad behavior to the surface with ease.

“Filtered is super easy. Generally a solid system.”