Recruiting tech: A building block of your digitization strategy.

Most companies want to hire new and emerging talent, but try to do it with slow and outdated technology. Investing in Filtered means more standardization, more accountability, and more qualified candidates in your pipeline.

At your company, per year...

Using Filtered...

Total costs savings thanks to better interviewing:


That's not including what your company will potentially save on costs related to employee churn, diversity & inclusion, and productivity loss after standardizing the interviewing process.

By the numbers

Filtered has already helped companies like yours change the way they hire:

Time to fill

5 days

Down from 35 days
Cost per hire


Down from $40,000
Rejected offers


Down from 23%


Up from 4%
Undetected fraud


Down from 29%

Filtered works for Express Scripts

“I was totally unable to fill a senior engineer position before Filtered and for standard engineer positions I was not able to fill many of those either. [โ€ฆ] Filtered has enabled us to create a better engineering culture.”

— Aaron Davis, Senior Manager Software Engineering

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