Live interview room with code pad

And how it works

Schedule for live interview

Most people spend money flying candidates into the office for an on-site interview, but now you don’t have to. A live interview is a split-screen webcam interview where one or multiple reviewers (HR, hiring managers, developers, decision makers, etc.) can interview a candidate. In Filtered, reviewers can schedule a live interview session with their candidates. This session is then recorded and saved inside the candidate’s profile for future review. Reviewers can also leave notes on the candidates.

Pair programming with Hiring manager

Pair programming lets two programmers work together at the same time on the same code pad. Such a technique is widely used in an agile software development environment. We found that some hiring managers prefer to apply pair programming as part of the interview process. By watching the candidate solve problems or by working on a problem together with the candidate, hiring managers can get a better understanding of the candidate’s capability and attitude.