Filtered vs. Codility

Assessment: Candidate authentication w/ linkedin, github, bitbucket, gitlabcheck
Assessment: Text interviewing (async)
Assessment: Voice interviewing (async)
Assessment: Video interviewing (async)check
Assessment: Videos recorded by hiring manager to candidate
Assessments: Video sentiment / micro-facial expression analysis
Assessment: Code competency questions (correct this code)checkcheck
Assessment: Algorithm Challengescheckcheck
Assessment: Front-end Code challengescheck
Assessment: SQL/NoSQL challengescheckcheck
Assessment: Data Science / ML / AI challengescheck
Assessment: Task Simulation / Server management challengescheck
Assessment: Custom video questionscheck
Assessment: Custom code challengescheckcheck
Assessment: Code playbackcheckcheck
Assessment: Fraud: plagiarism detectioncheckcheck
Assessment: Fraud: location verificationcheck
Assessment: Fraud: multiple faces on screencheck
Assessment: Fraud: open tab detection + analysischeck
Assessment: Fraud: face snapshots during codingcheck
Assessment: Fraud: disable copy+pastecheck
Assessment: Fraud: mouse exit countcheck
Assessment: Fraud: Social media analysis (empty / created same day)check
Assessment: Generate interview from job description using AIcheck
Assessment: Live interview room w/ videocheck
Assessment: Live interview room w/ code pad (pair programming)check
Assessment: Public link / Interview Nowcheckcheck
Meeting scheduling toolcheck
Whitelabeled emailscheck
Whitelabeled interviewscheck
Candidate pipeline managementcheck
Slack Integrationcheckcheck
ATS integrationscheckcheck
External APIcheckcheck
Contingent labor workflow (MSP dashboard + Vendor accounts)check
Reporting toolscheck
Internal benckmark: assess current employees + reportcheckcheck
Internal benchmark: education partners for employee upskillingcheck
Internal benchmark: employee upskilling toolscheck
Marketplace: verified candidates (already took test)check
Marketplace: unverified candidates (need to test)check
Marketplace: recommendationscheck
Staffing: Client portalcheck
Staffing: Client submittal toolcheck
Candidate: practice questionscheck
Candidate: education partners
Candidate: Company coding challenges + leaderboardcheckcheck
Enterprise settings, user management, and permissionscheck
Dedicated account managercheckcheck