Software Engineer - Technical Content Creation

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Why Should You Work At Filtered?
Filtered is disrupting technical hiring by changing the way interviewing is done.  Our solutions utilize AI and Machine Learning in a socially responsible way to ensure we remove unconscious bias from the interviewing process and filter out cheaters.  This leads to a much more equitable technical hiring process and more diverse technical teams.  Our solutions also take advantage of our knowledge in the HR and Technical Hiring space to; produce a fluid technical assessment / interview pipeline, reduce time spent interviewing, and reduce time to hire.

Filtered is seeking a Software Engineer focused on Technical Content Creation that will work on our Assessments Team and continuously grow our Technical Assessment Content.  This person will work with the Assessments product manager to continuously add new technical content, improve our content management tools, and find ways to further automate / enhance our content generation processes.  This is a growth opportunity as we expect our content will continue to grow and the company.


  • Deep understanding with NodeJS and Python is required for this role.
  • Deep understanding with cloud infrastructures / services with GCP or AWS is required for this role.
  • Familarity with ReactJS is a great addon for this role.


  • Passionate about building technical content that will aid in hiring great engineers responsible for building the algorithms of the future at companies across the world.
  • Understanding of IO Psychology and how it impacts technical questions / diverse team scaling / unconscious bias.
  • Understanding of how technical interviews are conducted from FAANNG to Fortune 500 Digital Transformation.
  • Understanding of technology trends and emerging technologies.
  • Experience automating processes and writing code in a variety of languages.
  • Ideally has a bachelor's in Computer Science or has a portfolio of experience that shows proficiency in a variety of languages.


  • Builds assessments for various types of technical roles and ensures the assessments have automated grading scripts associated to them.
  • Improves the technical content management internal tooling and processes to further expand our content library.
  • Adds new content categories/skills to our library for emerging technologies and computer languages.
  • Delivers new content promptly and works with the Assessments Product Manager to define content priorities.
  • Recommends strategies for further expanding our content at scale.
  • Gains insights from question metrics to understand what works and what does not work for future technical content.

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