Senior Software Engineer - DevOps and Cloud Automation

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Why Should You Work At Filtered?
Filtered is an up and coming company set to disrupt technical hiring.  Our solutions utilize AI and Machine Learning in a socially responsible way to ensure we remove unconscious bias from the interviewing process and filter out cheaters.  This leads to a much more equitable technical hiring process and more diverse technical teams.  Our solutions also take advantage of our knowledge in the HR and Technical Hiring space to; produce a fluid technical talent pipeline, reduce time spent interviewing, and reduce time to hire.

Filtered is seeking a Senior Automation Engineer to work on our Platform Engineering Common Services team.  This engineer will be responsible for improving our CI / CD automation, API offerings, and general technology tooling.  This engineer will also work on instrumenting our products with additional data points needed to ensure we can successfully detect failures proactively and scale our technology products.

• Strong problem solving skills with an emphasis on cross product reusability, and product reliability.
• Significant experience using scripting or interpreted languages for automation purposes (Groovy, Golang, Python, Ruby, etc).
• Experience building and using REST APIs.
• Experience with infrastructure as code tools (Terraform, Puppet, Chef, etc)
• Experience with automation tools (Jenkins, GCP CI/CD, etc)
• Experience working with and creating scalable architectures.
• Knowledge of or experience applying SRE and DevOps concepts at a high scale or fast growing company.
• Strong understanding of CI / CD Methodologies.
• Understanding of DevOps metrics and how various metrics can be used to drive strong technology cultures.
• Focused on cross team collaboration to deliver reusable technology solutions that multiple technology teams will be delighted by.
• A drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques.


• Work to continuously improve our CI / CD pipeline and ensure the pipeline allows for fast and safe delivery of code to production.
• Utilize APIs within our automation tools to integrate and pull metrics.
• Aid in building REST APIs to allow for further re-usability across the company.
• Responsible for documenting and teaching the various technology teams how to utilize our automation offerings as they progress.
• Strives for a deep understanding of what is holding our technology teams back from delivering faster with high quality.
• Consults with technology teams and recommends reusable components and scalable architectures.
• Collect and utilize metrics to manage scale as the company grows.

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