Technical Hiring.

Filtered reinvents how leading brands evaluate technical talent, while empowering candidates to showcase their skills from anywhere.

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Our skills-based hiring platform helps automate and streamline identity verification and technical screening with a new AI-powered approach to skills assessment.

Learn how we help talent acquisition and hiring teams replace ineffective hiring processes and move faster with confidence.

Identify and Hire Your Top Candidates 4X Faster

Our AI-powered solutions help leading brands verify candidate skills and objectively predict candidate performance on the job for every role and seniority level.

Talent acquisition leaders are able to shorten the hiring process from weeks to days, save thousands of hours per year, and close top candidates at a higher rate.

Python engineering


Evaluate front-end, back-end, QA, mobile, and data engineering candidates on hard and soft skills.
AWS emerging skills


Assess job readiness in new and emerging fields including DevOps, blockchain, robotics, and more.
Jupyter data science


Test data science candidates in a standardized environment working on real world data projects.
Faster Time-to-Hire
Better Interview-to-Hire Ratio
Less Time Interviewing

Make Candidate Experience a Competitive Advantage

Top candidates often drop out of the hiring process or choose a competitor based on a poor interview experience.

We empower candidates to showcase their skills while speeding up the interview process, leaving candidates highly satisfied with the innovative Filtered experience.

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